Gynecologic Scans

A GYN ultrasound is used to evaluate pelvic organs including the uterus, endometrium, and ovaries.  Your doctor may order a GYN scan if you have a history of ovarian cysts or uterine fibroids.  Likewise, your doctor may order this test if you have a history of pelvic pain, vaginal bleeding, infertility, or miscarriage.

Doppler ultrasound may be utilized at the time of GYN ultrasound if a cyst or polyp is noted.

3D GYN ultrasound may be performed if a uterine anomaly is suspected.  Sometimes it is used to evaluate polyps and fibroids within the endometrial cavity.

Hysterosonograms (SIS)
An SIS is a GYN ultrasound where a small amount of sterile saline is placed within your uterus to better evaluate the endometrial lining.  Your doctor may order this test if you have a history of abnormal and or irregular vaginal bleeding or if your doctor suspects that you might have polyps or fibroids within your endometrial cavity.  SIS is sometimes obtained if a patient has a history of multiple miscarriages or infertility.  It can also be used to help determine if your uterus is shaped normally (ie that you do not have uterine malformation).

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